Why extending is easier than moving

Wednesday 28 February 2018

From packing countless boxes to hiring vans, cleaning to the tedious sales process, moving to a new house can be more than a headache for many homeowners. Moving to a new home is rarely a straightforward and easy process, as most people who have undergone the process can attest to.

There are countless reasons you might want to move, from new jobs to more desirable areas; but if you’re thinking about moving just to improve the space that is accessible to you, then consider the alternatives. Here are just a few reasons why extending your London home is the best option for you:

You get to Keep what you love

The place in which we live, especially if you own it, is rarely just a roof over our heads – for many homeowners, the property they live in might be the one with countless happy memories, from raising children to good times with friends and relatives. It’s difficult not to become emotionally attached to the place you spend a great deal of your time.

One of the advantages of a home extension, if you're finding your past hard to let go, is that you can mix the old with the new while providing additional space to live and grow. This extended space could be used to make existing rooms bigger or add other living areas, but whatever your requirements, you're not leaving behind a place you love – you're making it better.

You can Improve your property value

There's no doubt that moving home and purchasing a new – more significant – property is an expensive and drawn-out process. Depending on the property market, the price you pay for your new London house may be the best you could get for it, should you decide to sell; leaving you with little profit if you choose to move again.

In contrast, an extension of an existing owned property can offer a gateway to a more profitable sale, should you decide to move at a later date. It also makes the property more desirable to renters should you want to retain it if you do move.

You Know What You’re Getting

One of the most substantial problems with the housing market, especially in an area as competitively priced as London, is that often you don't get exactly what you see on the tin with a purchased property. New builds often suffer from issues in the first few years, while old houses might need more care than expected on purchase. Not only does this stop you from enjoying your new home, it also drains your finances.

When you choose to add an extension onto your existing home, you have free reign to choose everything yourself; from suppliers to design, you get a say and full insight into the quality of the build, what it will look like and how your extension functions as a part of your home. This freedom gives you more control over your property and saves you money in the process.

You Can work with a great company

At E2 Build and Design, we work to ensure that the extensions that we design and build are precisely what you want – first time and every time. Our extensive knowledge and family-run expertise make us the perfect choice for London home extensions. We control every part of the process, from quotation to completion; so, you know you're in good hands.

If you’re considering adding an extension to your property, get in contact with us for a complete quote. We’re happy to help.

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